Sunday, August 16, 2009


We are so lucky to be surrounded by such an abundance of amazing local farms and farmers here on Whidbey. One of our main purveyors of local, fresh, seasonal veggies is Georgie Smith of Willowood Farms. It's been a pleasure working with her and the amazing product we receive from her on a weekly basis. It allows Sieb to create truly fresh and seasonal items with products from right up the road!

I asked Georgie to send us some info on her business and here it is, straight from the horses mouth...

“Willowood Farm, located in heart of the Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve on central Whidbey Island, was started by 4th generation Ebey’s Prairie native Georgie Smith in 2002. “Willowood Farm” was the historic name of Georgie’s farm, first used by the descendants of pioneer Isaac Ebey in reference to the once abundant willow trees that grew on the waterlogged prairie soil (which was later drained by an extensive system of ceramic tiles installed by Chinese laborers). The Smith family began farming the property in the 1890s and has lived on the property since.

Georgie has reinvigorated her family’s tradition of farming with new emphasis on sustainable and organically grown practices and direct marketing techniques that have sparked a revitalization of small family farms across the United States.

Willowood Farm grows produce that thrives in central Whidbey Island’s mild, maritime climate and the rich, loamy soil of Ebey’s Prairie. We grow without the use of harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers and we utilize healthy farming practices to ensure we put as much into our land as we take out.”

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