Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ron Kasprisin

Ron Kasprisin, professor of Urban Design at the University of Washington,  watercolor artist, part time actor, winery owner, author, and our very loyal bar patron is the first to be interviewed in our new blog series featuring our most loyal and regular patrons.  We believe that what makes any restaurant special is the unique cast of characters that can most often be found there.  We provide the food, drink and awesome staff, but those who choose to spend their time with us are the key factors in creating the soul of the place.  We are so honored by the large group of locals creating Prima's soul.  From now through the end of June, Ron's watercolors will be featured (and for sale!) in our back dining room.

Prima: What brought you to Langley…and how long ago?
Ron: A desire for small town and outdoor living away from the city and suburbia, with an art oriented community

Prima: Who is your favorite other Langley local, other than yourself, and what question should we ask them?
Ron: Wow! Willard! Ask him about his relationship with Crystal Gale! And the universe of course.

 Prima: What is your drink/food of choice while dining/drinking at Prima?
Ron: Rongento red wine, oops, I mean Argento Cabernet and the scallops and short rib dish

Prima: Who is your hero?
Ron: Besides myself, Leonard Cohen followed by Ghandi

Prima: Have you ever been a part of the shirtless man journey sing alongs?
Ron: No, I only take off my shirt to the ladies who will sing along

 Prima: Why Prima?
Ron: It's a great place to meet with people, great staff and owners.  It's an intimate bar and it's close to home.

 Prima: Have you ever fallen down the back stairs?
Ron: Not yet and I have fallen up them in my rush to get some Rongento

Prima: Did you meet your significant other at Prima (or the former Star Bistro) and what happened?  And how often? 
Ron: No because I want to be able to keep coming back there!

Prima: What is something that you’ve done in this restaurant that we probably shouldn’t know about?
Ron: Hmmmmm. I really don’t want you to know about how I did it with the pasta pan

Find out more about Ron at www.ronkasprisin.com 
or follow his blog at www.kasprisinridgestudios.blogspot.com