Monday, May 8, 2017

Burning questions!

The three questions everyone is asking...when will we be able to use the back stairs again, when  is the deck opening and when is Saltwater opening?!?

Well, here are your answers:

The back stairs will be open VERY SOON.  The project is coming along beautifully.  The Star Store renovation is an incredible facelift for Langley.  Our back door entrance will soon be functional again!!!


 At Prima, the patio is opening today, Monday May 8th, for lunch only and weather dependent.  So we will stop seating on the patio at 3:00 until the evenings warm up, and if there is rain in the forecast you should assume the patio will be closed.  This is our transition time when we watch the weather forecast like hawks and ask for your understanding when it is closed.  This is our 12th summer so we have gotten pretty good at knowing when it should and should not be open!

Saltwater will be opening sometime in June.  Still lots of projects, painting, training, equipment and supplies to be delivered.  We promise we are moving as fast as we can and thank you for your patience!  Here are some hints.  We can't wait to invite you in!