Monday, May 2, 2011

Current Newsletter

Let's talk about the deck.  We've had some customers very irritated with us that the deck is not open on those rare sunny HOURS we've experienced in the last few weeks.  We will need a good stretch of dry and warm days (not minutes) to get that thing open.  Things need to dry out for a few projects to get accomplished and it actually takes a chunk of time to set it up, pull out the umbrellas, and get organized.  We also have to look at staffing in a very different way when we open the deck.  If anyone wants that thing to be opened it's us (for obvious revenue reasons), but it really requires some time.  Last year it wasn't open until after Memorial Day because of the icky April and May weather.  Our goal is to have it open as soon as a nice stretch of dry days happens (with a forecast showing more dry days).  Please just be patient and understand that we want it open more than you!

 Our music schedule for the next few months is as follows:
Danny Ward, jazz saxophone: Thursdays, April 21st, May 5th, May 19th - 5:30-8:30 (pic courtesy of Drew Kampion)
Trio Nouveau, Django inspired jazz: Sunday April 24th 6-8, Thursday May 12th,  5:30-8:30,and Saturday May 21st (9:30-11:30).
James and Levi, jazz swing duo, Thursday April 28th and May 26th.
Deja Blooze, roadhouse blues, Saturday May 7th - 9:00-11:00
Mark the weekend of May 21st as Fun and Fashion weekend in Langley - flash fashion, trunk shows, fashion show, wine/beer/food flights all around town, late night music, and early morning yoga sessions.  The final details of the weekend will be unveiled soon.  At Prima, Trio Nouveau will be playing from 9:30-11:30 on Saturday night (the 21st) and we're bringing in some professional swing dancers to lead the lessons and pointers to dance the night away!

Many of you have asked for the secret to preparing the brussels sprouts (which will be coming off the menu soon unfortunately) and really it's very simple - no secret to it at all.  Trim the ends and pull off any bad leaves, cut in half, and blanch in heavily salted boiling water until they are cooked but have good crunch in the middle (3-5 minutes - depends on your quantity).  Melt butter (a lot) in pan, wait until it's foaming, place sprouts in pan cut side down, leave at high heat, once they are browning add salt, pepper, chopped garlic and we use fines herbs.  Toss until garlic cooks (30 seconds or so).  That's it!  The trick is to not be scared of butter and high heat.

Langley's Mystery Weekend is featured in this awesome travel blog.  This really shows the funky and quirky murder mystery tradition that happens in Langley each February...

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As always thanks so much for your continued patronage and hope to see you real soon!