Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer 2012

basil is planted on the rooftop deck
June 28th marks our 6th anniversary...we'll be celebrating the Saturday after so come down on June 30th around 9:30 for a toast and a little complimentary spread of appetizers to thank you for the years of patronage!

CHOOCHOKAM Arts Festival.  This marks the 37th year of this wonderful festival of the arts, July 7th and 8th.  For more details on Choochokam and other Langley happenings visit

All summer long we'll be raffling off the darling sculpture "Duck, Duck, Goose" of Georgia Gerber.  Tickets cost $5 and are available here all summer, as well as at many of the Bayview Farmer's Markets...proceeds to benefit the South Whidbey Children's Center. 

On Monday, July 30th, we'll be having our 3nd annual Georgetown Brewery beer maker Manny Chao comes out to the island and we pair up at least 5 courses with his great beer... $65/person.  This we'll seat between 5:30-8, call or email for reservations.  360 221 4060.  If you happen to stay late, our new bumper sticker reading "prima bistro, it's the Journey" will make more sense to you. 

the final sketch in this series
Many of you are asking what in the world is with the pigeon???   From the day we opened, local artist David Gignac has sat at our bar sketching on the back of our comment cards.  A few years back he started a series of birds...inspired by the squab special Sieb ran one evening.  We just love the bird sketches and they started showing up here and there.  We have them on the labels of the Whidbey Island winery Prima Red and Prima White, another bird is on the back of the menu, they are on our stickers, etc.  I wanted a tag line awhile back, and I decided I wanted it to have something to do with the birds.  There is a little known saying, "some days you are the statue, some days you are the pigeon."  So I thought...aha..."Be the pigeon".  Now really it's more of something that makes you go "hmmm what in the world does that mean?", and then hopefully if you are in the car behind the bumper sticker you are curious enough to go to our website and check us out!  So there is the pigeon story!

Did you know our server Christian Albright has been nominated as one of the contestants of Mr. South Whidbey...the fundraiser for Friends of Friends, the awesome local organization that  is a community-supported fund offering financial help to South Whidbey residents with medically-related bills they cannot afford to pay.  Anyhow, he's also growing that crazy moustache for some sort of national moustache contest in Vegas this women keep wanting photos with him.  We decided to combine these two seemingly unrelated things, and we decided that we will be adding a $5 charge to anyone getting a photo with him and it will go straight into his Mr South Whidbey pot.  You can also just contribute any dollar amount you'd like without having to pose with him.  Go Christian!  For more information on Friends of Friends:

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Don't forget: Mondays are restaurant industry day (20% off bill), every day is teacher discount day (10% off), and Thursdays are live music night!

Make absolute sure you check out the Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio's website for very exciting destination workshops with amazing artists!

And July at Museo:
The annual Whidbey Island Glass Invitational showing during the month of July will feature works in glass by 25 island artists.  The gallery will also be exhibiting new paintings by Kathe Fraga.  The show opens with a gala artists’ reception Saturday, June 30th, from 5 to 7 pm.
The exhibit will run through July 30th.

As always, thank you for the patronage and we hope to see you again real the pigeon, eat at prima!
Jenn and Sieb